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This project was a self-portrait assignment, and since I'd done quite a few in the past I wanted to have some fun with it. I knew from the get-go that it should either be an image of me covered in dirt or with my head in the clouds.

I digitally mocked up the line work and went ahead and added some quick color to get a feel for it, especially since this one had white line.

The leaf hair was inspired by my many cowlicks that refuse to be tamed. The leaves also allowed the opportunity to explore warm and cool relationships in an analogous color scheme.

After playing with the colors, I landed on a summer scheme rather than fall and was ready to begin the final.

I really enjoyed painting this, as I didn't have to be too careful about painting outside the lines due to how busy the leaf areas were. I decided to leave the freckles out in the end to give my face some breathing room.

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